Class LineageFork

  extended byedu.uconn.mcb.lineageevolver.LineageVisitor
      extended byedu.uconn.mcb.lineageevolver.LineageFork
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LineageFork
extends LineageVisitor

LineageVisitor subclass encapsulating the n-furcation process.

Lina Pezzella, Hasan Khalil

Field Summary
private  GraphEdge _edge
          The node to fork
Constructor Summary
LineageFork(GraphEdge e)
          Constructor for Objects of type LineageFork provided an edge on which to fork.
Method Summary
 void applyToLineage(java.util.ArrayList edgeList, GraphTopology tree)
          Applies this visitor to a given Lineage.
private  void fork(java.util.ArrayList edgeList, GraphTopology tree)
          Processes an n-furcation in the tree.
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Field Detail


private GraphEdge _edge
The node to fork

Constructor Detail


public LineageFork(GraphEdge e)
Constructor for Objects of type LineageFork provided an edge on which to fork.

e - the edge on which to fork.
Method Detail


public void applyToLineage(java.util.ArrayList edgeList,
                           GraphTopology tree)
Description copied from class: LineageVisitor
Applies this visitor to a given Lineage. The private data members that [may] need to be accessed are passed as parameters so that this visitor can access them.

Specified by:
applyToLineage in class LineageVisitor
edgeList - the list of active edges (from the Lineage).
tree - the tree that the provided Lineage is operating on.
See Also:
LineageVisitor.applyToLineage(ArrayList, GraphTopology)


private void fork(java.util.ArrayList edgeList,
                  GraphTopology tree)
Processes an n-furcation in the tree. Copies the current genome before the fork into all new cells. Updates the array of edges in the Lineage.

edgeList - the array of edges (should be from the Lineage) to operate on.
tree - the topology to which the edge belongs.